breast implant in Delhi
breast implant in Delhi

Breast Implant Prosthesis: 5 Questions Before Having Surgery

The implantation of breast implants, commonly called “silicone”, is here to stay, either for aesthetic reasons or for reconstruction, but always with the woman’s self-esteem in mind. This type of plastic surgery in Delhi has gained even more spotlight since it became a favourite among celebrities. 

To implant breast implants or not?

This is a personal and non-transferable question. The person needs to weigh their motivations and talk to a plastic surgeon in Delhi on the subject. After all, although popular, medical intervention to put silicones still causes doubts in most people who are thinking about undergoing the breast augmentation in Delhi. Therefore, follow five questions and answers about the application of silicone in the breasts.

Who defines the size of the prosthesis to be implanted and what are the criteria for choosing it?

There are several points to be taken into account when choosing the volume of the prosthesis. The first takes as a principle the preference of the patient or the surgeon. As the implanted silicone will directly influence the person’s appearance, well-being and self-esteem, it is clear that your opinion is of paramount importance. However, it is also important to take into account the measurements of breast tissue and chest. The conversation between the patient and the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi is essential at this moment since the patient’s opinion about the volume that will make her feel good about herself has total relevance, but her physical structure, which needs to hold the prosthesis, must also be taken into account.

Can breast prosthesis hinder possible breastfeeding?

This is a frequent question for patients who wish to have breast implant in Delhi: will breastfeeding normally take place after the procedure? The answer to this question is: almost always, yes. 

When there is only implantation of the prosthesis, it is very certain that breastfeeding is not impaired, especially if the placement is submuscular (behind the mammary glands). When the associated skin or gland is removed, there may be some degree of difficulty in breastfeeding.

But, in general, patients who have never had children are unlikely to have difficulties and, in some cases, can even help: when the woman has a very small breast, the size makes it difficult for the baby to get the breast to breastfeed. The prosthesis assists in the process.

Does the implantation procedure for breast implants leave scars?

When there is no skin removal from the region, the scar left by the surgery is small, the size of the incision to open the space necessary for the placement of the prosthesis. The scar may be below the breast, around the areolas or under the armpits. The most appropriate positioning for the placement of the prosthesis should be discussed with the plastic surgeon in Delhi since each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Is there any relationship between breast implant prosthesis and breast cancer incidence?

The concern with breast cancer is justified, since it affects several women and, in a poor country like Brazil, the concern is greater, since few do mammography. 

However, breast implants do not cause cancer: quite the contrary, the correct placement can assist the mastologist in the early diagnosis, especially in the case of small breasts, which have difficulty doing an ultrasound. In this case, the breast prosthesis helps by placing the breast tissue further forward, enabling greater access to the mammography process.

What is giant cell anaplastic lymphoma?

This disease started to be studied more after the year 2017. It is a type of cancer of the lymphatic system that can affect the capsule that every organism makes around any silicone prosthesis, from prostheses of the chin, gluteus, catheters silicone to silicone breast implants. So, it is essential to understand that it is not breast cancer but the capsule that forms around the prosthesis.

These are the main doubts about breast implant implantation. Still, have questions? Call today.