heavy breast
heavy breast

Heavy Breast – Get rid of back pain

For many women with large breasts, it is not just about the cosmetic when they want smaller breasts. An excessively large bust can cause many problems, and back pain can be one of the worst.

It may sound nice to have big boobs, and many people even want big boobs. But for those women who have it, it’s not always as festive.

The bigger the breast, the more problems

Neck and back pain is a common complaint that the bust is simply too heavy for the body to carry. A study from 2012 shows a significant connection between the cup size of the bra and back and neck problems. The women with a D cup and above had more complaints than those with smaller cup sizes.

Too much pressure

The problem that often arises is that there is too much pressure on the chest muscles, resulting in tight neck muscles and possibly poor posture.

The constant pressure on the vertebrae can affect the natural posture or curve of the back, which in turn can lead to other back problems.

A lot of pain

Sabina (44) from Delhi has always struggled with the fact that her breasts have caused her a lot of pain and discomfort.

“First of all, my back was completely destroyed after so many years with big tits. I had a prolapse in my neck, and always a pain in my back. I don’t know if the prolapse had anything to do with the nipples, but the back pain clearly came from it. It feels as if you are constantly carrying something that is far too heavy,” says Sabina, who has two children.

Skin complaints

Although she is aware that the back pain was the worst, she also talks about other ailments.

“I always had deep marks in the skin both where the bra straps go and below the armpits. It was also difficult to find bras that fit, and the ones I did find were always very expensive,” she says.

Considered operation

For many years she thought about having surgery to remove her excessively large bust, but she wanted to finish having children and breastfeeding first.

“I always thought I would have a breast reduction after I had my second child. But then, amazingly enough, I managed to slim down almost 30 kilos with the help of exercise and diet. After this, I have gone down many bra sizes, and most of my problems, both with my back, neck and skin, are gone,” she says.

Clever choice

Although Sabina was able to slim down her breasts, not everyone can or has that opportunity. For these, she believes that surgery is a wise choice.

“As I said, it has always been my plan to operate on at least half of my breasts. For women who struggle with the same thing that I have struggled with for all these years, I definitely believe that a breast reduction would be a smart choice.”


  • You may want to lose weight before deciding to have surgery, as weight loss can also reduce breast size.
  • It is not unusual to have a reduced ability to breastfeed after breast reduction
  • The result of the operation is permanent, but with hormonal changes or weight gain, the breasts can become large again.

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