scar removal in Ashok Vihar
scar removal in Ashok Vihar

How To Remove Scars

When greater or lesser damage to the skin occurs, this organ activates the healing process as a way to naturally repair the aggression, leaving a trace that over time and if the damage is not too great, it tends to disappear. It is a physiological mechanism whose purpose is the repair of tissue tissue whose final result is usually a fine line without adhesions to the surrounding tissue, flexible and painless.

However, sometimes, the wounds caused to the skin end up leaving large, bulging or unsightly scars that we would like to eliminate. For this we can resort to plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery for scar revision or scar removal in Ashok Vihar, Shalimar Bagh.

Although not all scars can be completely removed, proper scar treatment in Ashok Vihar, Shalimar Bagh can significantly improve their appearance. But each case has a different approach; those caused by severe cases of acne can be treated effectively with laser surgery, while a scar caused by an operation can be better treated with a simple excision surgery.

The options for the scar removal in Shalimar Bagh range from the use of creams and sheets for scar occlusion, to advanced cosmetic surgery operations in which special attention is paid to wound closure, through minimally invasive procedures, such as dermabrasion, peeling or micropigmentation.

Surgical resection or excision consists of reducing the scar in a single operation, resecting it and carefully suturing the edges. It is fast and works well on small, linear scars. Although it does not eliminate it completely, the result is much less noticeable than the initial mark.

One of the causes of an unsightly scar is the unfavorable direction of the scar with respect to the lines of superficial tension of the skin. These lines (Langer lines) run in the body depending on the tension generated by the orientation of the elastic and collagen fibers in each anatomical area.

A scar that crosses a cheek in a horizontal direction will always be wide and of poor quality, since the tension of the fibrillar system of the skin is perpendicular. A vertical wound on the cheek will leave an excellent scar, if meticulous suturing technique is performed. In these cases, the plastic surgeon in Ashok Vihar will design plasties that are based on the division of the scar into several segments to reorient them in more favorable directions with respect to the tension of the skin. The most used techniques are Z-Plasties and W-Plasties. Well designed and executed, they can completely change the appearance of a depressed or enlarged scar and are the basis for all other treatments (dermabrasion, laser or micropigmentation).

It is possible that the scar is very large and that the adjacent skin is not enough to close the damaged area even using advance techniques, Z-plasties or W-plasties. Initially, the aesthetic and functional impact of the defect must be assessed. Scars on the face produce an important aesthetic repercussion, but for example, large scar plates in the flexures of the joints (armpits, elbows, knees) cause serious functional limitations. The use of classic skin grafting techniques can alleviate contractures and restore full mobility to a joint.

In more complex cases, tissue expansion techniques are used: in a first intervention, an inflatable silicone device (tissue expander) is placed under the adjacent healthy skin, which, it is expanded through a punctureable valve, until a sufficient amount of adjacent healthy skin is generated. In a second intervention, after three months, the expander is removed, the scar excised and the tissue generated is advanced without tension until a linear closure is achieved.

The plastic surgeon in Delhi is the one who will assess the number of necessary interventions and if he opts for other alternative solutions such as the use of bioengineered material or the skin graft in the dermis before proceeding with the scar revision in Delhi. After the intervention, elastic bandages and special silicone gel-based creams should be used to promote healing.

scar removal in Shalimar Bagh

The dermabrasion method of scar removal in Shalimar Bagh consists of eliminating the superficial layers of the scar and the surrounding skin, so that after the new healing, the reliefs and the coloration can be uniformized. It can be done physically by milling, laser, etc., or chemically through the application of acids (peels). Several sessions are necessary and areas of finer skin can be generated, so the treatment is applied complete aesthetic units of the face. The aesthetic units of the facial skin are delimited by anatomical marks, which make residual color and texture changes less perceived (nasolabial folds, eyebrows, chin groove, etc.)

Lastly, laser removal is also an effective treatment for scar removal in Ashok Vihar, but many sessions are necessary and painful. Using a high-energy beam of light, scar tissue can be removed or reduced. For this, there are different types of laser, each one suitable for a certain type of scar.

It is worth highlighting the fact that the patient must have a clear and realistic idea of the objectives that can be achieved through Aesthetic Surgery, its limitations and risks, in order to be able to make a free decision. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery operations are conditioned, not only by the experience and skill of the surgeon, but also by the patient’s own quality of healing and healing.