lip filling
lip filling

Lip Filling: know how it works and how the procedure is done

The lip filling is increasingly fashionable. Intensified by the exposure that social networks offer to singers and artists, the procedure is considered as one of the main techniques to leave patients with beautiful and natural lips.

But getting to the plastic surgeon in Delhi and just asking to get your lips up like that actress or singer did is not the most sensible attitude. This is because the lip filling aims to make the mouth more harmonious, without deformity and with natural results, and each patient has its characteristics. Only medical analysis can define the correct amount of filling to be applied in each case so that the patient is satisfied with the result and the application. In other words, the ideal is not to seek a result equal to that of that actress/singer, but rather what best matches your type of lip and face.

In this article plastic surgeon in Delhi explains a little more about the filling, the product used and for whom the lip filling is indicated. Check out!

What is filling with hyaluronic acid

Filling is a procedure used to correct grooves, and the most used product is hyaluronic acid. It is the raw material of our collagen, that is, our body recognizes it.

The filling is used for the correction of dark circles, Chinese mustache, acne scars, rejuvenation and restoration of volume lost during the aging process, increase in the size of the lips, among others. It is made with an anesthetic cream and has natural results.

Hyaluronic acid is a thin product, very thin and can be applied superficially to the skin, correcting fine lines. It can also be applied more deeply, depending on the indication.

Lip filling indication

Lip filling is indicated for patients who are dissatisfied with the volume of the lips or even bothered by the signs of aging.

How is done

To perform the lip filling, an anesthetic is applied to the lips. Soon after, the product is injected with a needle to add volume, contour and correct possible defects.

Quantity used

On average, the lip filling will use 1ml of hyaluronic acid, but only the medical evaluation can determine this amount.

Final result

On average, with a week it is possible to see the final result of filling in the lips.


After lip filling, it is indicated that the patient redoubles the care in the region. The tip is to avoid any kind of blow and impact on the lips. The swelling may appear, but it will go away over the days.

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