mole removal treatment in Ashok Vihar
mole removal treatment in Ashok Vihar

Mole Removal Procedure

Moles and freckles are marks that appear on the skin for various reasons; some may be due to genetics or the effects of the sun on the skin’s surface. In this sense, there are those who find it pleasant or sexy to have moles; others who feel that moles are complexes, especially when they are in highly exposed areas or the characteristics of the mole attract a lot of attention. Patients who dislike these spots on their skin regularly come to my clinic to try to remove them by treatment of mole removal in Ashok Vihar, Shalimar Bagh.

A plastic surgeon in Delhi must determine if the best diagnosis is to carry out the removal of moles or if the patient can continue his life without the mole representing a risk to his health.

For aesthetics or to improve the surface of the skin, in this publication, we will talk about the removal of benign moles as a method to improve the appearance of an area of your skin, but before describing the methods, you should know what moles are in the clinical setting.

What are moles?

Also known as nevus, they are small cells that join together to form dark spots on the surface of the skin. Moles vary in size and color (black, brown, or red), and can appear almost anywhere on the body. The most common areas are the face, torso, arms, and legs. Benign moles are characterized by being symmetrical, with regular edges and a homogeneous color. Depending on the type of mole and its size, there is a specific technique for mole removal in Ashok Vihar that I explain to my patients in the clinic.

Most moles are harmless and may appear smooth or flush with the skin; others may protrude from the surface of the epidermis. Very often, the most annoying moles are those that are felt to the touch and for that reason my patients come to my clinic, so that a plastic surgeon in Delhi performs the removal of moles with the appropriate technique according to the type of mole.

What are the Types of Moles?

Moles or spots of different colors and sizes appear on the human body. From birth, people begin to reflect moles on their skin; some may be temporary or clear over time and others appear to stay. Patients must observe the tone, texture and size of the mole very well and I always advise them that, if they notice irregularities in the stain, they should attend a plastic surgeon in Shalimar Bagh, as is my case, or with a specialist who examines very the patient’s skin well to determine if the treatment of mole removal in Shalimar Bagh is feasible.

In this sense, there are two types of moles, common cutaneous and atypical cutaneous (dysplastic nevi). The first are flat moles that vary in color and usually do not exceed a centimeter in size. Atypical skin moles are brown, black, or red bumps that are candidates for mole removal treatment in Ashok Vihar; These can be small or large. There are other types of moles such as freckles; they can appear on the patient’s skin by inheritance and as a consequence of ultraviolet rays.

The vast majority of moles can be treated with procedures that I perform under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. Other methods of mole removal will require multi-stage and surgical-room procedures for removal, if they are extensive.

mole removal treatment in Shalimar Bagh

Mole Removal Techniques

As a plastic surgeon in Ashok Vihar, and also a specialist in aesthetic medicine, I offer you three mole removal techniques in my office.

Tangential cleavage. Or also known as shaving, it is an aesthetic technique that I use on moles that do not protrude much from the surface of the skin and are small in size. I start the procedure by applying local anesthesia around the mole and then I am about to use a scalpel or small scalpel, in order to shave correctly. The purpose is to eliminate the bulge and to make the skin smooth and level.

Excisional resection or excisional surgery. This procedure is purely surgical and I apply it for cases where the patient has moles, either flat and protruding. I start the technique with local anesthesia and then I remove the mole completely; Finally, I suture the small wound with 1 to 3 stitches.

Cauterization or laser removal. I recommend this mole removal treatment in Shalimar Bagh for patients with small, flat moles. The most common are brown or black moles; With laser or electrofulguration I achieve complete removal of the mole. The laser extraction is performed with the previous application of local anesthesia and I do not recommend it in patients with large moles or that protrude from the skin; This procedure where I burn the mole is ideal for small spots of vascular origin.

Medical recommendations

  • Observe the color, shape and texture of your moles.
  • Pay attention if an irregular growth occurs on the stain.
  • Avoid using home remedies or products without medical authorization.
  • Use sunscreen on the most exposed areas of your body to prevent or stop the new appearance of moles.
  • In my clinic I will determine the best mole removal alternative for you.
  • Be alert to the new appearance of moles anywhere on your body.