This is how you get smaller breasts

Do you want smaller boobs? You are not alone. Many women simply struggle with too large busts, but there is help to get rid of all the pain it entails.

Several famous women have come out openly and said that they either want to reduce their breasts or that they have done so. Jessica Simpson is one of them, American supermodel Kate Upton another.

“I wish for smaller breasts every day. I would like to wear tops without having to wear a bra underneath, and I would like to think about wearing the smallest bikini size,” Kate previously told The Sun.

Popular intervention

Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is among the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for both women and men. A few years ago, over 150,000 such operations were performed in the United States. In India, the numbers are not that high, but many thousands of women and quite a few thousands men go under the knife every year, and the numbers are constantly increasing.

Saved his career

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep is currently ranked as the world’s seventh best female tennis player. But a few years ago, it didn’t seem like she was going to make it this far. A breast reduction as an 18-year-old probably saved her tennis career.

“Weight was the biggest problem. I felt uncomfortable when I played, and that, among other things, helped to destroy my ability to react quickly enough,” she has stated.

World tours

So, she decided to have surgery to get smaller breasts. Since then, she has climbed 450 places in the world rankings, and had become number one player in 2017 and 2019.

“I would probably have chosen such an operation even if I wasn’t an athlete. I had some back pain, and feared it would get worse over time,” says Simona.

Back pain common

It is common to have back pain, neck and shoulder pain if the breasts are too large. For example, it can be difficult to exercise or engage in physical activity, and it can also lead to skin problems such as skin infections. Not to mention that finding the right bras and clothes can be a hassle.

The tits first

“I’ve always felt that the boobs come first, then the rest of me comes. Clothes have always been completely hopeless, because my boobs often don’t fit in the sweater even if the rest fits. I’m so tired of having big boobs, and long for an everyday life where both I and others see something other than my elephant boobs,” says Delhi based women.

She has long thought about reducing her breasts surgically, and with size 80 EE you can understand that she wants this.

“Now I have made up my mind. I’ve lost weight, had the children I’m going to have, had a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Delhi, so I’m ready now,” says the women, who is looking forward to having a normal bust size.


  • You may want to lose weight before deciding to have surgery, as weight loss can also reduce breast size.
  • It is not unusual to have a reduced ability to breastfeed after breast reduction.
  • If you meet the criteria for breast reduction on medical grounds, the public sector covers such operations.
  • The result of the operation is permanent, but with hormonal changes or weight gain, the breasts can become large again.