How to Combat Skin Ageing

The ageing is a biological process that inevitably occurs over the years and manifests itself through various functional and structural changes that cause progressive deterioration of the body and people need to opt anti-ageing treatment in Rohini, Delhi to look young.

It is the result of a natural process of cell biology and depends on both endogenous and exogenous factors. It should be noted that in not all people ageing occurs at the same age, it can be noticed from the age of 30 onwards as it remains imperceptible until the age of 60.

What is skin ageing?

Regarding skin ageing, although it is also the result of the normal process of cellular deterioration, it can be notably increased by external factors such as solar radiation, smoking, poor diet, stress, poor skin management, extreme climates, and certain work activity, etc.

Types of skin ageing

Chronological Ageing

It is typical of the passage of time, the ageing of collagen and elastin fibers, the poor cellular function of the skin, etc. In these cases, the skin is seen with lack of tone, low luminosity, lower density, with lentigines, wrinkles and very dull.


This is the premature ageing of the skin caused by exposure to solar radiation. Photoaged skin feels rough, sallow, with deep and fine wrinkles, many spots, with a parchment-like texture, thickened and lacking elasticity.

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Causes of skin ageing

Free radicals

The natural ageing process is related to various factors, including oxidation processes at the molecular level caused by the production of free radicals.

One of the main causes of the formation of free radicals is inadequate food and environmental pollution, as well as bad lifestyle habits such as smoking. During cellular respiration, oxygen is consumed while carbon dioxide and water are released, but at the same time, residual molecules are generated, which are free radicals.

When the amount of free radicals is abundant, the organism is not able to neutralize them, and as a consequence they damage the cells, generating lesions of greater or lesser severity, which is known as oxidative stress.

External agents

Many exogenous causes precipitate skin ageing, namely:

Extreme climates: constant exposure to wind and/or the sun noticeably damages the skin, and becomes more intense in high places at sea level, with low humidity and strong winds.

Exposure to UV rays: most of the changes that occur in the skin are due to accumulated damage from exposure to ultraviolet light. UVB and UVA rays generate the formation of free radicals that affect the activity of scleroprotein synthesis enzymes and the DNA of fibroblasts.

Types of negative skin radiation

  • Infrared: generates redness, burns and drying.
  • Visible light: it does not have negative effects in itself, but it can cause allergies to light.
  • UVA Radiation: it is the cause of stains, toxin formation, and photosensitization when combined with certain substances and potentiated with UVB.
  • UVB radiation: it is the cause of erythema, thickening of the stratum corneum, alteration in the immune system and skin cancer.

Excessive heat:

High temperatures have a detrimental effect on the skin since they cause DNA denaturation, and when temperatures exceed 40ºC, protein denaturation and burns are generated.


When the humidity level is low in the environment with strong winds, the skin loses its hydrolipidic mantle, responsible for protection and hydration. As a consequence, there is an intense drying, dehydration, and loss of turgidity.

The intense cold:

Excessive cold is also harmful to the skin, causing disturbances in circulation and loss of moisture.

Environmental pollution:

Gases and toxic materials in suspension increase the formation of free radicals and therefore the consequences that this has on the skin.

Endogenous agents

Generally, the internal causes that accelerate skin ageing are a consequence of the external ones.

Modification of the skin structure:

Collagen and elastin decrease over time, as do lipids and the ability to retain water.

Changes in DNA:

They can occur due to the effect of solar radiation, chemicals, poor diet, pollution, smoking, medications, some viruses, etc.

Narrowing of blood and lymphatic vessels:

As a consequence, poor blood circulation is generated, the cells receive less nutrients and oxygen, which alerts their functioning. On the other hand, the deficit in lymph drainage causes a greater amount of metabolic waste to accumulate.


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Skin Anti-Ageing Treatment in Rohini, Delhi

Cosmetic skin anti-ageing treatment in Delhi

The premise is to combat the causes of skin ageing, protect the skin from external aggressions and free radicals, as well as the negative effect that cosmetics used in the past have had.

The cosmetic skin anti-ageing treatment in Rohini must guarantee a neutralizing action of free radicals using active ingredients with an antioxidant effect applied to the skin.

The most used assets for this purpose are vitamin A, retinol, carotenoids or provitamin A, vitamin C and derivatives combined with vitamin E, etc.

Through its use it is possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and blemishes, ensuring smooth and highly elastic skin.

We must not forget the use of cell membrane protectors that fulfil the role of stabilizers and recuperators of the cell wall, skin, mucosa and integuments, protecting them from UV radiation and free radicals. Some of them are silymarins, citroflavonoids, quercetin and rutin.

Cosmetic treatment to combat external factors

To avoid injuries caused by wind, cold, heat, dust and contamination, plastic surgeon in Delhi advise to offer the patient cosmetics that guarantee:

Occlusion: they form a film on the skin that isolates it from the outside and prevents excessive loss of water.

Emolliency: they soften the epithelial tissue of the horny layer, which helps to reduce the thickening of the skin, improves its texture, increases its flexibility and gives it a velvet appearance. For example assets such as wheat germ, lanolin, carrot, avocado, fat-soluble vitamins (A, E and F), etc.

Hydration: cosmetics with hygroscopic materials help rehydrate the skin, recovering the natural NMF moisturizer. The most used humectants are propylene glycol, glycerin and sorbitol because they are hygroscopic.

Cosmetic treatment to normalize skin structures

Such cosmetics have to be able to repair skin structures.

Superficial repair: cosmetics are nourishing with active ingredients that revitalize and stimulate the functions of the skin, along with others with a lubricating action that improves emollience and softness. With them, the formation of the natural protective outer layer of the skin is achieved.

Internal repair: this is obtained through cosmetics that provide protein compounds, generally hydrolyzed from plants, mucopolysaccharides, nucleic acids, vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts.

Prevention and protection

Plastic surgeon in Delhi recommends to protect the skin from UV rays, this is achieved by using cosmetics with SPF 35 and up depending on the case.

The Protocol of Skin Anti-Ageing Treatment in Delhi


Thoroughly skin with emulsion, cream or cleansing milk. The goal is to remove waste without decompensating the horny layer while seeking to balance the pH of the skin.


With a frequency according to the case, a peel should be carried out on the face, neck and décolleté with mild and depigmenting acids that remove the outer layers of the epidermis and promote cell regeneration.

It is possible to use diamond tip peels between sessions. It all depends on the case.


After removing the product from the peeling completely, the treated area should be toned with a lotion according to the case, thus achieving the normalization of the physiological and functional characteristics of the skin.


It is possible to use appliances aimed at improving the appearance of aged skin as well as increasing the penetration of active ingredients. Equipment that gives very good results in cosmetic treatment is electroporation.


With this step, the repair of the dermal structures is obtained, which translates into greater elasticity, hydration and turgidity while helping to neutralize free radicals.

Intensive shock preparations with cell repairers have the effect of repairing the cells affected by radiation.

Anti-ageing mask

An appropriate mask should be applied to the case to increase the wetting, elasticity and emollient effects of the previous step. In turn, this product must have soothing active ingredients that reduce the possible irritation caused by peeling and a tightening effect to combat flaccidity.

Protection from external agents

To complete the work, apply a moisturizing and protective day cream to the patient that is compatible with the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, and contains collagen, elastin and lipids. You can also use a cream that has vitamins and sunscreen.

Home use

Provide the patient with suitable products to treat her skin at home, both day and night. In this way, the natural functions of the dermis, the hydrolipidic mantle and hydration can be regenerated.

Devices for anti-ageing treatment in Delhi

All devices with laser energy, pulsed light, high or low-frequency electromagnetic waves, vacuum therapy, electroporation and oxygen therapy are indicated for anti-ageing treatment in Rohini.

Some examples of equipment that are frequently used today are:

  • HIFU.
  • Radiofrequency.
  • Pulsed light.
  • Plasma laser.
  • Q-Switched laser.
  • Photodynamic Therapy.
  • Fractional Co2 laser.