There are many cases in which people with moles suffer, mortify and give you around for a long time the decision to opt for a mole removal, but the truth is that it is not a procedure that is very costly and with current technology and medical advancement in aesthetic issues, remove a mole for a qualified dermatologist it is quite simple. It is also easy to explain the main aspects of this issue. So let’s start by saying that moles are very common growths on the skin: Most people have between 10 and 40 moles.

While most moles can be present from birth and until adulthood usually appear later in childhood and. They are generally the result of pigment producing cells of the skin, called melanocytes. But beyond the purely scientific aspect, the definitive and positive for all stakeholders in this process it is that if we seek a dermatologist qualified and certified, almost all can be removed quickly, safely and with highly satisfactory results.

Moles can be removed with the quantity and place you always want and when valuation done by a skilled dermatologist to rule outother pathologies background as a melanoma. When it comes to finding clinics to remove moles, or rather, when we talk about skin health and appearance of people we should take the time to look for the best option; unfortunately not always happen. In the case of moles, although background there is almost always an aesthetic concern, it is not advisable to neglect who is going to touch the skin and less, stop receiving proper advice.

Treatments for removing moles

To understand the topic, Dr. Claudia Morales Ruiz, director and founder of Dermosalud Colombia, One of the centers of dermatology most prestigious in the country, explains that surgical resection is the removal of the mole by a surgical procedure; laser vaporization is the destruction of the mole by the laser, it can be Erbium or Co2; cauterization is to burn the lunar heat. If the treatment chosen is surgical resection, and there are doubts on a clear background pathology the extracted material can be sent through biopsy analysis which determines whether the lesion is benign, premalignant or malignant; the problem is that for mole removal can also be used blind procedures such as laser and cautery, which are valid and efficient, but in these cases it is vital that performed by a qualified dermatologist.

Care laser procedures

In Dermosalud, a center of excellence for the skin, located in Bogotá the most advanced surgical techniques and the latest laser technology for each particular case are used. In the case of the laser, the day of the procedure an anesthetic cream is applied in areas that are going to work at least one hour before the laser. The skin is carefully cleaned and during the process cooling techniques utilian skin to reduce discomfort or pain and potential laser heat. A session typically lasts 30 minutes. It is normal immediately after the procedure the skin is blistered and pains that occur gradually diminish. Recovering laser treatments generally ranges from eight to ten days, sometimes less,

In any case it is a quick, easy and affordable for patients, and highly successful procedure.

Prices: Invest in the best results

The cost of a successful procedure for mole removal depends on several factors: the type of mole, the injury that may have implied, consistency and color of the skin, modernity and sophistication of laser equipment to be used, and most importantly, experience and degree of specialization you have chosen the dermatologist, who is finally ensuring an excellent result that justifies the cost of removing moles.

Where several dots is set to a price list depending on the case since the value may vary according to the type of mole, color and size, but sometimes may also vary the color and type of skin having the patient.

It is important to note that in beauty centers and unskilled places you can find quotes that do not correspond to the actual value of a procedure.