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Dr. Ashok Tandon: Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Ashok Tandon Plastic Surgeon in DelhiDr. Ashok Tandon is a Plastic Surgeon in Delhi. He joined Medical College, Rohtak, Haryana in 1976. He completed his Master’s in General Surgery from the same college in 1985 and then worked there as a Registrar in the Department of General Surgery till 1987. After that, he joined Post graduate Institute Of medical Sciences [PGIMER], Chandigarh for his M.Ch. in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and completed the course in 1989…

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Dr.VimtiTandon: Dentist in Rohini

Dr Vimti Tandon Best Dentist in Sector 8 RohiniDr. Vimti Tandon completed her BDS from the reputed Government Dental College and Hospital, Amritsar in 1985.She served as Dental Surgeon in Haryana Civil Dental Services for about 2 years at Kalanaur, Haryana. Then, she started her Private Practice in Chandigarh before shifting full time to Delhi in 1989. She was attached to Gautam Hospital, Pitampura & Dayal Hospital…

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    Now Get Advanced & Cost-Effective Plastic Surgery in Delhi By Dr. Ashok Tandon, Plastic Surgeon in Delhi!

    “Plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, gives the patient the ability to have control over their appearance, image and, ultimately, their self-esteem.”

    Choosing to have cosmetic surgery in Delhi is a very personal decision—and it’s important that you feel safe, comfortable, and confident with the surgeon and practice you choose. At Tandon Clinic, we are fully committed to patient safety, comfort, and success, and we work daily to ensure everyone who walks through our door feels welcome and supported.

    Dr. Ashok Tandon and his talented team are well-known for their kind, patient-centered care and dedication to providing an excellent patient experience, from consultation to recovery. When you choose to work with Tandon Clinic, you will have a highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Delhi by your side throughout the entire process.

    Dr. Tandon’s approach to cosmetic surgery is all about creating a harmonious, natural-looking result that makes patients feel great about the way they look.

    Plastic surgeon in Delhi performs operations that change the shape or appearance of a part of a patient’s body. Not only does he perform cosmetic surgeries, such as nose jobs or facelifts, but they also perform reconstructive surgeries on patients who have injuries from a car accident or another accident or for those with birth defects.

    Plastic surgery

    The specific procedures that a plastic surgeon performs breast augmentation or liposuction. He also treats conditions on the face and head, such as the cleft palate. Plastic surgeon in Rohini removes dead flesh, make new skin grafts and work to minimize scars in burn victims.

    With vast experience in cosmetic treatments, our range of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery procedures have been designed to give you the safest and most effective results to meet your satisfaction. People, who come to the Tandon Clinic for cosmetic surgery, may have an imperfection that is affecting their confidence or self-esteem, but after the expert consultation by plastic surgeon in Pitampura, you can get a fantastic look.

    Whatever the reason, the techniques, and skills used by our clinic are among the best in the world. In addition to work on the breasts and face, cosmetic surgeon in Rohini, Pitampura, Dr. Tandon also offers surgery to reduce excess skin after weight loss. This can include relatively minor procedures on the upper arms, inner thighs or a tummy tuck, as well as the much more extensive circumferential body lift required by people who have lost excessive amounts of weight in a short time.

    Whether it is a burn, any accident by a car or motorcycle any other injury, it results in loss of tissue or directly damages the bones, limbs, hands, feet or face. Infection, particularly severe skin infections, can also lead to disfigurement. plastic surgery in Rohini, Pitampura can repair the damage and cosmetic techniques are combined with reconstructive surgical techniques to restore a natural appearance as much as possible.

    Our services include teeth whitening, liposuction, male breast reduction and cosmetic surgery for lips, skin, face, hands, legs etc. There are millions of satisfied patients in India who have gone through our plastic surgery in Delhi and they are recommending their relatives and friends for the same. Our dentists and plastic surgeons are available in Rohini, Pitampura, Punjabi Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Ashok Vihar. We value our patient’s health needs that are the reason, we are providing plastic surgery, dental services in Delhi’s some best locations and in near future, we will expand our offices.

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