PRP Therapy for Stretch Marks

The stretch mark removal platelet factors is an autologous treatment (of the same blood of the patient) that has proven effective in red or white, recent or old grooves. A natural treatment that mitigates or eliminates scars of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks

So unsightly stretch marks that are always women and many men now which begin to worry about their aesthetics- want to remove from the body.

In the market find variety of creams and oils that give our skin more elasticity and provide it with key elements to promote healing and restoration.

These creams have very good results in terms of prevention we mean; but when the groove is formed and they can do little.

It has always said that the (most recent) red streaks are easier to treat than white to take longer in the skin, however, treatment of platelet growth factors, Stretch marks respond to cellular biostimulation regardless of age.

Remove your stretch marks Tandon Clinic

Clinical treatment created by Tandon to  remove stretch marks , which involves removing blood from the patient himself and then obtain the platelet – rich plasma. In this plasma is added calcium chloride acting as a platelet activator thus producing the release of growth factors. It is then added (to enhance the result) marine plasma (78 trace elements and minerals) procaine and vitamins.
In the first visit sessions and syringes necessary to use per session, usually with enough will be estimated but sometimes may require two.

After the first session and many patients notice results, although some better see the effect past 2 or 3 sessions. It is the most natural and effective to combat since the platelet-rich plasma is a natural regenerator bioestimula striatal tissue for “filling” stria treatment.

What are stretch marks?

The  stretch marks  are a very common skin disorder , and although not cause any problems, bother from the aesthetic point of view. They are scars because of the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis.

Why stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks are associated with sudden changes in body mass or pregnancy. may also be a result of hormonal disorders in adolescence it is why 10% of cases begins at puberty.

How to prevent stretch marks?

There are many creams and oils  anti-stretch marks  that allow us to moisturize the skin providing elasticity. It is important to use these methods in case of pregnancy and puberty where the body undergoes hormonal changes and body mass, also when you want to lose or gain weight. But not always take effect, the genetic predisposition and our skin estriarse often exceeds the preventive method. However it is always  better to be safe. Therefore it is advisable to keep the skin hydrated not lose elasticity. Sweet almond oil and rose hip are very good allies. In addition to drinking 2 liters of water daily, lose or gain weight gradually and regulated manner and not make any sudden physical exercises that cause improper stretching of the skin.

How stretch marks are treated?

The treatments available in the market to improve the appearance of the skin is based on striated promote cell regeneration in the area. So far he resorted to peelings, dermabrasion and laser therapy. In  Clinic Riba  we have a new patented technique to eliminate striations platelet growth factors   that using platelet growth factors obtained from the patient ‘s own blood, get a never before experienced old cell biostimulation treatments.

The procedure:

  • patient’s own blood is extracted. Her platelet growth factors will be achieved.
  • blood to separate its elements centrifuged.
  • After the blood components are separated only interested platelets and by a special syringe the extract in a completely sterile.
  • After the obtained platelet rich serum, is added essential components: calcium for platelet growth factors, marine plasma (78 trace elements and minerals), vitamins and procaine.
  • The obtained product is injected directly into the affected and will soon begin regeneration dermis.

Stretch mark removal PRP

How many sessions are needed and how long a session?

The number of sessions will be assessed for each patient. In half the cases one session is enough. The duration of treatment is about 40 minutes to a session where a syringe of product is used. In most cases with one 20 ml syringe it is sufficient for  all the grooves .

When the results are noticed?

It is recommended to wait a few weeks to evaluate the results obtained in the session. Always it takes a picture before treatment and another when he / patient attends the medical center after a few weeks for review. Thus the result of treatment evaluates and decides whether or not it required a second session.

What happens after the session?

In the elapsed time after the session the dermis undergoes a process of cell regeneration and bio stimulation; platelet growth factors accelerate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin restoring skin vitality, recover the elastic consistency, improve vascular flow and increase the smoothness and appearance of skin.