Hymenoplasty in DelhiThe Hymenoplasty in Delhi is an intimate reconstructive surgery that allows women to recover one intact hymen. For most of us today, the hymen may seem insignificant, however, there are several cases in which plays an important role; especially in a socio-cultural context and religious where women should arrive virgin at marriage.

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a membrane that is at the entrance to the vaginal canal and partially closed, thus separating the cavity of the vulva. It can be seen in virgins opening the labia minora.

In our societies, the hymen is associated with the virginity of women, because it breaks during the first sexual intercourse. However, the hymen may tear under other circumstances that have nothing to do with sex. In fact, it can be broken during an intense sporting activity; such as gymnastics, swimming or riding; or even after a severe stroke, or simply by the use of tampons during menstruation. Also worth mentioning that 1 of 1,000 women born without a hymen.

What is hymenoplasty in Delhi?

The hymenoplasty is surgery hymen reconstruction consisting restore an intact hymen without a visible trace of surgery. This procedure grants a second virgin from an anatomical point of view.

During the first intercourse after surgery, the hymen tears naturally as you would an intact. The couple will not know if the woman has undergone or not a reconstruction of the hymen because the feeling is equal to that of a first sexual relationship.

Most women who undergo hymenoplasty do so for socio-cultural reasons

Why make a hymenoplasty in Delhi?

In some cultures, families or religions; especially between Muslims and the Roma community; there is strong pressure on women to get a virgin at marriage. The pressure can become so strong that some are forced to go to a plastic surgeon in Delhi to save his honor and physical integrity.

There are also other occasions when a woman decides to undergo a hymenoplasty in Delhi, as in the case of rape; wheres emotional hock is so violent that may be needed hymen reconstruction to turn the page and try to “repair” the damage caused physically.

In some less common cases, some women choose to offer her virginity symbolic in its way new partner, the reason why performed hymenoplasty.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Who is subjected to a hymenoplasty in Delhi?

Women who undergo hymenoplasty in Delhi are people who need to urgently this intervention to start from scratch, either by a subject psychological or because you are getting married soon.

Most of them come from a social environment where there is strong family pressure and religious.

Psychological help

Hymenoplasty is a reconstructive surgery that does not affect the appearance of the vulva or provide any improvement during sex. In addition, it is an intervention with a goal Score l, because the hymen is again ripped as soon as they happen the first penetration.

Therefore, it is a delicate procedure that often requires psychological support. Undoubtedly, a rape victim will need the support of a psychologist in Delhi to bring the trauma and heal. However, a future bride who bears the weight of tradition and facing surgery alone must keep secret all this hard process, so it is advised to consult a psychologist to accompany her.

How to choose surgeon?

It is important that you go to an experienced surgeon and qualified to perform your hymenoplasty. We recommend in the first place to verify that it is a registered plastic surgeon in Delhi. You can also go to a specialist gynecologist.

Consulted several surgeons if necessary, and choose a professional that makes you feel confident and you tranquilize.

Remember that the doctor will perform a gynecological exam during your first consultation

What happens during the first consultation?

During your first consultation, the plastic surgeon in Delhi will need to know your medical history to rule out a possible contraindication. You will pass examine before you explain what the procedure is, how to prepare and how to bring postoperatively.

Take advantage of this handshaking for all your questions, you can prepare a list at home to make sure not to forget any detail. Do not hesitate to give specific questions about the outcome of the intervention and the details of your first sexual intercourse after surgery.

It is important that you stop smoking before your surgery.

Preparation intervention

I left a  list of tips  to prepare for your intervention:

  • Stop smoking  at least 1 month before and 1 month after surgery to facilitate healing
  • Stop taking  anti-inflammatory drugs and  aspirin-like at least 15 days before
  • If you take  oral contraceptives for acne, you have to stop taking them 1 month before
  • You ‘ll have to  consult the anesthetist  at least 48 hours before
  • The night before and the morning of surgery,  rinse with antiseptic

Anesthesia and hospitalization

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is normally performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation because it is an intervention very easy to carry out.

You can go home the same day after surgery.

There are 2 main techniques for a hymenoplasty

What are the different techniques?

The intervention is simple from a technical point of view, in fact, it only takes about 30 minutes. There are two main techniques for a hymenoplasty and sew the remnants of the torn hymen.

  • If the remains of the hymen are so large enough, the surgeon unifies and sews to rebuild.
  • If the remains are too small, the plastic surgeon in Rohini will use flaps of the vaginal mucosa to reconstruct, thus avoiding a possible risk of tearing the hymen before penetration due to the tension exerted continuously.

Postoperatively it is very simple and painless


The postoperative a Hymenoplasty in Delhi is very simple and painless. You return home the same day of surgery and it is advisable to rest for 1 to 2 days to avoid sudden movements.

  • You ‘ll have to carry specific intimate hygiene, water and a special intimate soap morning and evening and after going to the bathroom.
  • The points are absorbable and fall alone after about 10 to 15 days.
  • We recommend waiting six weeks to resume a progressive sport.
  • We also recommend avoiding sports that can facilitate the rupture of the hymen, such as gymnastics, riding, swimming or cycling, among others.
  • We recommend not using tampons during menstruation until your first intimate relationship.
  • You can have your first sexual intercourse after 6 weeks.

Possible Complications

The complications associated with Hymenoplasty are very mild and common few, we have the following:

  • infection
  • scarring
  • hematoma
  • pain
  • hemorrhage

It is impossible for your partner account of you have done a hymenoplasty

What at first intercourse after a hymenoplasty in Delhi?

It is impossible that your partner account of that you have made a hymenoplasty during the first intercourse. There is no scar, and the hymen is quite naturally.

It is possible but not mandatory that blood during the first intercourse, like true first intercourse. The act of bleeding depends on the individual, the membrane, the skin quality, but also the sexual act itself. Although not required to blood nor can guarantee, your partner will feel some resistance penetration.

Frequently ask questions

  • It is painful? Hymenoplasty is not painful; However, Your doctor may prescribe painkillers to avoid discomfort.
  • After how long I can have sex? It is advisable to wait 4 to 6 weeks before having your first sexual relationship so that the hymen is completely healed
  • Will you give me afraid that someone finds out, I do? The surgeon is governed by medical secrecy, therefore has no right to disclose information about their patients, either family or future husband. Some surgeons have two waiting rooms to offer more comfort and discretion to their patients, check with the secretary if this issue worries you.
  • Is there a scar? The scar is invisible, and in no case, your partner can differentiate a virgin hymen of a hymen reconstructed.
  • When is the best time for hymenoplasty? We recommend you make your intervention during the first days after the end of the period so that your body has more time to heal before menstrual.
  • How do you know if hymenoplasty work? Your surgeon will make a postoperative check to ensure that the healing process is going well.
  •  I’ll bleed? Like during first sexual intercourse, bleeding is not mandatory and can not be guaranteed after a hymenoplasty. Hymen itself is not a body part that is highly vascularized. However, even if there is bleeding, your partner will feel some resistance when penetration, like a true first. Some surgeons perform about hymen corrections to ensure bleeding during the first sexual intercourse.