What has usually been considered the proof of virginity?

Contrary to popular belief on this front, a hymen can rupture for any number of non-sexual reasons such as like

  • horse-back riding
  • gymnastics
  • inserting of a tampon
  • plus many more reasons

That’s without even mentioning the women who are born without a hymen in the first place.

Of course, even if the cause of a broken hymen is previous sexual activity, that shouldn’t signal the end of your life or devalue you as marriage potential.
Luckily, there’s a way to fix a broken hymen (or create one that isn’t there) discreetly and tactfully. That would be by getting a hymenoplasty in Delhi.

Why have Hymen Repair?

The hymen is a thick membranous layer of tissue which encircles the vaginal orifice from the urethral orifice backward and allows the escape of menstrual blood.
Even so, in many cultures, the hymen is considered a token of virginity and for cultural and religious reasons can be an important factor in a new marriage. In many cases, marriages are even annulled if the hymen is torn.
Now that hymen repair is available and relatively safe, many women and families are opting for this solution.

What is involved in Hymen Repair?

Hymen repair is a simple operation which involves excision of the torn edges before stitching them with fine dissolvable sutures. It is often performed under local anesthetic with sedation, but can also be performed under general anesthetic.

This surgery is not particularly invasive. The hymen actually has a secondary layer that will be sown up to cover the torn skin. As it grafts together once more, the hymen will appear intact. Or if for any reason this is not possible then a new hymen can be created from the lip of the vagina.

Are There Any Benefits?

From many people’s perspective, once a hymen has been ruptured that’s it. Why would any woman want to go through with this? What are the benefits?
Compelling reasons to get this procedure done include:

  • Making that first night special
  • Regaining a symbol of virginity
  • To have a sense of personal ownership


Let’s take a closer look at those.

1. A Special First Night

Whether the mood strikes immediately after the wedding or at a different time, everyone wants that first night to be memorable. For many couples, having an intact hymen is an essential part of the bonding experience. It symbolizes a new beginning or the “first” of “many firsts”. There’s no underestimating the emotional impact this can have.

On that note, this isn’t just an option for those who are walking down the aisle for the first time. This is also available to individuals who want to relive the magic during an anniversary or those who simply have a special night planned for their partners.

2. Virginity

In some cultures and religious circles, a high value is placed on being a virgin prior to your marriage. Yet despite the conservative ideas surrounding sex and sexuality in these places, there’s still a secular culture at large that doesn’t share the same mores. Where problems can arise, however, is in communities that consider an intact hymen to be proof of your sexual status. Being found without one can be a social disaster in the making.

The beauty of this procedure is that it allows women to have the “best of both worlds” so to speak. Whether she’s had previous partners or simply wasn’t born with a hymen, that doesn’t mean that she should be ostracized for it. This is a procedure that lets you make your own decisions without losing face.

3. A Sense of Personal Ownership

This is a benefit that will probably resonate the most with victims of sexual assault, but in a sense, it’s a theme that has universal applications.

For women who were assaulted, coming out of relationships, or otherwise wanting to share something special with their new significant other, have a vested interest in regaining a sense of ownership over their bodies. As has been pointed out numerous times, an intact hymen is something that represents a clean slate to many people.

Now that this procedure is possible, you now have the option of choosing with your own interests in mind.