PRP Therapy For Under Eye Bags

Eye bags and dark circles are a common occurrence and many individuals over the age of 20 are bound to experience these at some time. Most of the time, a lack of quality sleep and exercise is the main factor while a diet that is heavy in salt also adds to the problem. This stretches the skin beneath the eyes, which leads to the formation of eye bags and dark circles.

Another cause is aging, with the ligaments and muscles that keeps facial fat in its place weakening as you get older. This in turn leads to sagging, which results in the fat becoming more distinct below the eyes.

Platelet therapy uses your own platelets to decrease the dark circles, hollow appearance, and wrinkles around the eyes. The PRP has the ability to create growth factors which stimulate your collagen molecules to rejuvenate, making the area more tight and firm. The platelet therapy smooth the texture, firms the skin, and lightens the dark circles. The treatments are natural (your own cells), easy, and quick.