Facial Fracture Treatment in Delhi by Dr. Ashok Tandon, Plastic Surgeon

Introduction to Face Fracture

Facial fractures can occur due to various reasons such as accidents, sports injuries, or physical altercations. These fractures can result in significant pain, swelling, and deformity, affecting not just the physical appearance but also the overall quality of life of an individual.

Understanding the Importance of Prompt Treatment

Prompt treatment of face fractures is crucial to prevent long-term complications and ensure optimal recovery. Delayed treatment can lead to improper healing, malocclusion, and facial asymmetry.

About Dr. Ashok Tandon

Dr. Ashok Tandon is a renowned plastic surgeon in Delhi, specializing in facial fracture treatment in Delhi. With years of experience and expertise, Dr. Tandon is dedicated to providing personalized care and achieving the best possible outcomes for his patients.

Types of Face Fractures

Mandible Fractures

Fractures of the mandible, or lower jaw, are common and can result from direct trauma to the face. These fractures may affect chewing, speaking, and breathing and require immediate medical attention.

Maxillary Fractures

Fractures of the maxilla, or upper jaw, can occur due to high-impact injuries to the face. These fractures may affect vision, breathing, and facial aesthetics, necessitating timely treatment.

Nasal Fractures

Nasal fractures are among the most common facial fractures and often result from blunt trauma to the nose. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Orbital Fractures

Fractures of the orbital bones surrounding the eye can lead to double vision, sunken eyes, and restricted eye movement. Prompt treatment is essential to prevent vision loss and other complications.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of a facial fracture may include pain, swelling, bruising, deformity, and difficulty moving the affected area. Diagnosis typically involves a physical examination, imaging tests such as X-rays or CT scans, and evaluation of symptoms.

Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Treatment

Some minor fractures may be managed conservatively with pain medication, rest, and immobilization. However, more severe fractures often require surgical intervention to realign the bones and restore function.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical options for facial fracture treatment in Delhi may involve open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF), where the fractured bones are repositioned and secured with plates, screws, or wires. This approach allows for precise alignment and promotes proper healing.

Recovery Process

The recovery process following facial fracture treatment in Delhi varies depending on the severity of the injury and the chosen treatment approach. Patients may need to follow a specific diet, practice proper oral hygiene, and attend follow-up appointments to monitor progress.

Importance of Choosing the Right Surgeon

Selecting a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon is paramount to ensuring successful treatment and optimal outcomes. Dr. Ashok Tandon’s expertise in facial trauma surgery and commitment to patient care make him a trusted choice for individuals seeking treatment for face fractures.

Why Choose Dr. Ashok Tandon?

Dr. Ashok Tandon’s comprehensive approach to facial fracture treatment in Delhi encompasses personalized care, advanced surgical techniques, and a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction. His track record of successful outcomes and compassionate bedside manner set him apart as a leading plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Success Stories

Numerous patients have benefited from Dr. Ashok Tandon’s expertise in face fracture treatment, achieving restored facial function and aesthetics. Their testimonials highlight Dr. Tandon’s professionalism, skill, and dedication to excellence.

Post-Treatment Care

Following facial fracture treatment in Delhi, patients must adhere to post-operative instructions provided by their surgeon. This may include medication management, wound care, activity restrictions, and dietary modifications to support healing and prevent complications.

Risks and Complications

While face fracture treatment is generally safe and effective, there are inherent risks associated with any surgical procedure. Potential complications may include infection, bleeding, nerve damage, malunion, and implant failure. However, these risks can be minimized through careful pre-operative planning and meticulous surgical technique.


  1. How long does it take to recover from a facial fracture surgery?
    • Recovery time varies depending on the severity of the fracture and the individual’s healing capacity. In general, it may take several weeks to months for complete recovery.
  2. Will I have visible scars after facial fracture surgery?
    • Dr. Ashok Tandon employs minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to minimize scarring. Any residual scars typically fade over time and can be concealed with makeup if necessary.
  3. Can face fractures heal on their own without surgery?
    • While some minor fractures may heal without surgical intervention, more severe fractures often require surgical treatment to ensure proper alignment and stability.
  4. What should I expect during the initial consultation with Dr. Ashok Tandon?
    • During the initial consultation, Dr. Tandon will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition, review your medical history, discuss treatment options, and address any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Is face fracture treatment covered by insurance?
    • Many insurance plans provide coverage for face fracture treatment, especially if it is deemed medically necessary. However, coverage may vary depending on the specific details of your insurance policy.


Face fractures can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical and emotional well-being, but timely and expert treatment can help restore function, aesthetics, and confidence. Dr. Ashok Tandon’s expertise in facial trauma surgery and commitment to patient care make him a trusted choice for individuals seeking facial fracture treatment in Delhi.