No other part of the body is as evident, unique or aesthetically significant as the face. For many people, Face Trauma brings issues of self-image and self-esteem to the forefront, so I treat injuries in this area with great care and attention. Unfortunately, in some cases some degree of scarring is inevitable, but we do everything to minimize the visual impact of facial injuries and the surgeries needed for facial injury treatment in Delhi, Rohini, Pitampura.

The main point is accident prevention. We must never forget to wear a seat belt, helmet and all possible protective equipment. The use of appropriate protective equipment in sports and compliance with safety regulations at work are other effective preventive measures. And finally, don’t talk on your cell phone when driving.

Plastic surgeon in Delhi carries out the correct facial injury treatment in Delhi. He is well versed in emergency care, in serious treatment, and in long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation for not only physical but emotional problems as well. The science and art of this injury treatment requires special treatment that involves “hands-on” experience and an understanding of how long-term treatment can aid the patient’s performance and appearance.

Dr. Tandon knows and exceeds these modern standards. The staff is trained, skilled and qualified to handle and treat facial trauma.

What are the main facial injuries?

  • Simple wounds to the face (skin, fat and muscles);
  • Lacerations of important structures (lips, nose, eyelids and ears);
  • Lacerations with tissue loss;
  • Lacerations involving deep structures (nerves, saliva and tear ducts);
  • Fractures of the nose;
  • Fractures of the jaws and orbit;
  • Craniofacial injuries (skull, skull base and facial skeleton);
  • Lacerations involving tissue losses.


Facial injuries can affect the upper jaw, lower jaw, cheek, nose, eye socket, or forehead. They can be caused by blunt force or be the result of injury.

Common causes of a facial injury include:

  • Crashes in cars and motorcycles
  • Wounds
  • Sports injuries
  • Violence


Symptoms can include:

  • Changes in the sensitivity of the face
  • Misshapen or uneven face or facial bones
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose due to swelling and bleeding
  • Double vision
  • Loss of teeth
  • Swelling or bruising around the eyes that can cause vision problems

Tests and exams

The healthcare provider will perform a physical exam that may show:

  • Bleeding from the nose, eyes, or mouth
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Breaks in the skin (lacerations)
  • Bruising around the eyes or widening of the distance between the eyes which may indicate injury to the bones between the eye sockets
  • Changes in vision or eye movement
  • Upper and lower teeth misaligned

The following may suggest bone fractures:

  • Abnormal sensations in the cheeks
  • Irregularities in the face that can be felt when touching
  • Movement of the upper jaw when the head is still

A CT scan of the head  and the bones of the face may be done.

What are the main goals of Facial Injury treatment in Delhi?

The first step in facial injury treatment in Rohini is to guarantee the patient’s life. The doctor must ensure that the patient is breathing well and without serious injuries that can lead to death quickly (such as severe bleeding and damage to vital organs).

Then, the facial injury treatment in Pitampura aims to correct the injuries that were caused by the trauma (restoring form and function as far as possible) and preventing sequelae (such as anti-aesthetic scars, retractions, changes in vision, malocclusion and facial deformities).

facial injury treatment in Delhifacial injury treatment in rohini


Surgery is done if the injury prevents normal performance or causes a major deformity.

The goal of treatment is:

  • Control bleeding
  • Open the airways
  • Treat the fracture and fix the broken bone segments
  • Prevent scars as much as possible
  • Prevent long-term double vision or sunken eyes or cheeks
  • Rule out other injuries

Treatment should be done as soon as possible if the person is stable and does not have a broken neck.

Jaw fractures are treated with surgery if they cause problems such as vision symptoms, changes in how the teeth fit together, limitation of the jaw opening, sinking of the eyeball, facial numbness or an unacceptable change in appearance. Often, doctors wait a few days after the injury occurs (when the swelling subsides) to decide whether surgery is necessary. Surgery typically involves fixation with screws and plates. After surgery, it may be necessary to immobilize the jaws, but often only for a few days, after which people should only eat soft foods for several weeks.

What are the possible risks and complications?

The risk depends on the severity of the trauma and the patient’s clinical condition. Mild trauma usually does not cause any complications and extremely satisfactory results are achieved. Bruises are common and rarely require drainage.

In severe trauma it may be necessary to postpone treatment until the patient is stable and it is not uncommon to require more than one intervention to improve the outcome.

Having a correct facial injury treatment in Delhi in the facial injury is now a reality, the specialists are very well trained in this case of emergencies, in serious treatments and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation of the patient.