What is PRP or plasma enriched for hair loss?

Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma is a novel technique to isolate and use the growth factors present in the patient’s own blood to potentiate, accelerate and stimulate tissue regeneration . Their application within capillary stimulates formation of elastin collagen and hyaluronic acid also increasing vascularization in the hair follicle so is indicated to stop hair loss and promote regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss .

Treatment with plasma rich in growth factors

The PRP is the introduction of plasma rich in growth factors released by the platelets from the patient by microinjection into the scalp so virtually painless . Anyway to avoid the little annoyances can be applied anesthesia or local cold.

To obtain plasma rich in growth factors a small blood sample of the patient is made and plasma fractions by centrifugation controlled for 9 minutes are separated . Then the “platelet rich plasma” is injected at the capillary level to stimulate regeneration. Once treatment is completed you can return to resume normal activity immediately.

Results of plasma enriched hair loss

Immediately after infiltration rich plasma growth factors slight reddening of the treated area is observed. The results are progressive and reach the peak month of the session. With each session the results are more evident.

In interventions Hair Transplant also serves both to improve healing of the donor site to stimulate regeneration and tissue vascularization level of the receiving area, thereby increasing the survival of grafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PRP injection therapy helps hair loss?

PRP therapy used to treat dry hair fall. It is a very effective hair growth in which plasma rich platelet injected into the scalp with a micro needle natural treatment.

Does PRP injection therapy for hair loss is a painful procedure?

PRP therapy for hair loss can make our patients feel a little uncomfortable and sometimes feel a little pain. This is related to the type of anesthesia that want to use in your procedure. For more information, please contact our medical team for free.

Does PRP therapy helps prevent hair loss?

The PRP therapy stimulates the growth of dry hair by the protein have plasma cells. However, we do not use PRP therapy to prevent hair loss. Our patients come to the clinic to restore hair they have lost.

Where PRP injections are placed?

Our treatment of hair loss PRP is a very effective hair growth in which plasma rich platelets injected into the scalp with a micro needle natural treatment.

Does PRP therapy helps hair regrowth?

In our clinic we use PRP therapy as a treatment option for patients who experience hair loss. PRP is a natural treatment for patients requiring stimulate hair growth because they suffer from hair loss conditions.

How long does PRP therapy treatment for hair loss?

Therapy platelet rich plasma for the treatment of hair loss is a natural process carried out in 60 to 90 minutes, in some cases it may take up to 2 hours.

Does therapy for hair growth PRP, have side effects?

Our therapy PRP is a safe and reliable procedure. However, there is a very low possibility that our patients have side effects after treatment. The most common risks are:

  • Pain in the injured area
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin discoloration