Rejuvenation of Female Genitalia

Cosmetic Gynecology

Rejuvenation of Female Genitalia

Female genital cosmetic surgery is a small segment of the market of plastic surgery in Delhi, but it is growing, with thousands of women estimated to undergo such procedures every year all over the world.

The following procedures are done

A] Laser:

  • Laser Vaginoplasty
  • Laser labiaplasty

B] Surgical:

C] Medical:

  • O Shot
  • G spot amplification
  • GO shot

These procedures are not a part of mainstream gynecology but are becoming increasingly popular due to individual notions about perfection in the shape of genitalia, to improve sexual health and wellness and to beat the effects of age. Hymenoplasty is done solely for cultural reasons. Some of these procedures require further description. The detailed description of these procedures is given below.

Familift [ Laser Vaginal tightening in Delhi]

[ The lunchtime laser lift procedure for vagina]

Commonly asked questions

How does Familift laser work?

CO2 laser is an ablative laser which has a wave length of 10600 nm and has a strong affinity for water molecules. It produces some of the best results in facial rejuvenation, but its use has been hampered by complications like scarring and hyperpigmentation. Fractional technology has led to improvement in results as it treats only a small fraction of the total area called microthermal zones [MTZ] which are surrounded by columns of normal tissue on all sides which leads to quicker recovery and fewer side effects.


Recently its use has been extended to include vaginal rejuvenation by using the same principles as are responsible for facial rejuvenation. Thermal heating of vaginal tissues underneath its mucosa leads to shrinkage and remodeling of collagen and elastic tissues leading to 360 degree tightening along the entire length of vagina.


What are the indications for this procedure?

1] Vaginal tightening- vaginal laxity especially at the opening causes decreased sexual satisfaction for both partners. Micro ablation of mucosa and microscopic columns of deeper tissues leads to thermal remodeling of vaginal tissues and restoration of tone of the vaginal wall.

2] Improves Stress urinary incontinence [SUI] .is condition is the result of loss of urethral support due to damage to pelvic floor support structures. It causes leakage of urine during coughing, sneezing and lifting of weights. This treatment restores collagen tissue and improves urethral support.

3] Improves vaginal dryness

4] Decreases chances of recurrent infections by improving the immunity of the area and restoring vaginal pH and microflora.

What is the best time to get it done?

The procedure is not done during active menstruation. After childbirth it is preferable to wait for 3-4 months to let the area recover completely.

What are the Contraindications?

  1. Any local or systemic disease
  2. Abnormal recent PAP smear
  3. Menstruation


What if I have an active infection?

It is important to diagnose and treat active infections in the area before treatment. There is no chance of cross infection as adequate sterilization precautions are taken.

Will I have discomfort during the procedure?

No. The procedure is painless. There is no bleeding. The probe penetrates to about three inches and delivers energy to a depth of fraction of millimeter.

What are post procedure precautions?

Patient needs to avoid sex for 3-4 days. There is no restriction on exercise or physical activity. There may be some discharge for a few days.

How many sittings are required?

Generally, 2-3 sittings are required at interval of 3 weeks. Repeat procedure may be requested by some patients. after a few years.

Is it safe?

Very. CO2 lasers are in use for many decades. Their safety is well established. The procedure has no effect on future pregnancies, breast feeding etc.

Procedure details [Familift by gynolaser] for professional

Patient Preparation

  1. A full and concise consultation and examination is to be provided by the Physician performing the procedure. This includes taking a thorough patient history.
  2. A recent (within 2 weeks) negative PAP smear needs to be sighted
  3. Informed Consent needs to be signed by the Patient.
  4. In the procedure room, the patient removes the bottom half of her clothes (optional if the top half is removed and replaced with a gown), uses baby wipes to clean vulval region, and then gets onto the procedure bed and places a sheet over the lower half.
  5. Once on the procedure bed the Doctor and Nurse return to the room.


The Procedure

  1. Ideally the patient needs to be placed in the Lithotomy position.
  2. Gently insert the sterile hand piece into the vagina until the head hits the uterine cervix.
  3. Set the treatment area as 8x8mm & 30mj and irradiate then rotate the hand piece clockwise or anticlockwise 1 notch (45°), fire, then repeat this 8 times so that a full circle rotation of 360° is achieved.
  4. Retract the hand piece 8mm then repeat Step 10~15 until you have retracted to the introitus.
    *NOTE: It is advisable to remove the hand piece halfway during the treatment to inspect and clean the hand piece mirror and replace to resume the procedure.*NOTE: The length of withdraw should be decided based on the treatment size. For example, if you set the treatment area as 5mm, withdraw the probe as 6mm base.
  5. At the introitus, the treatment can start to become painful so it’s important to monitor the patient. The energy may need to be reduced. Clasping the tissue around the hand piece can help alleviate the discomfort without having to reduce the energy.
  6. Remove the hand piece and if treating the vulval region, change the tip to the Distance gauge tip and treat accordingly.
  7. Clean and sterilize the hand piece and tips


Post Care

  1. For Vaginal treatments, no topical post care is required.
  2. Avoid sexual intercourse for 5 – 7 days
  3. Any pain, heat, or swelling in the treatment area or fever and malaise, please contact the Clinic.
  4. Re-treat in 4 weeks



Laser labiaplasty

Laser Labiaplasty is done to rejuvenate the vulva. It corrects the looseness of the skin of vulva and improves abnormal pigmentation.
For Vulval treatment, topical cream to produce anesthesia is applied for one hour prior to the procedure. Treatment session lasts for only 10 minutes. After the laser is finished, appropriate post laser gel or antibiotic ointment is applied. Icepacks may be applied to reduce discomfort. No tight underwear is worn for 7 – 10 days. Sexual intercourse is avoided for 5 – 7 days. Burning sensation may be there after vulval treatment. Re-treatment can be done in 4 weeks.


Hymenoplasty or Hymenorrhaphy is a surgical procedure to restore the continuity of hymen to its virginal status.
Hymen is a delicate membrane which partially covers the vaginal opening. [In Greek, Hymen means membrane]. In some orthodox cultures, an intact hymen and bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse is considered to be the only sign of virginity. In reality, the hymen may be lost not only because of sexual activity but also due to sports and other activities. The critics of this procedure say that a marriage which begins on a note of falsehood is doomed to fail, but even in these so called modern times,there are inherent contradictions in our society which is permissive about male promiscuity and expects the brides to be virgins. So long as these double standards persist, the demand for the procedure will stay.
The procedure is done under local, regional or general anesthesia. It is best done in the time zone after menstruation is over. There should be no active infection in the area. The surgery involves stitching the torn edges of the hymen remnants after freshening them. The stitching is done in two layers by using absorbable sutures which dissolve on their own and need not be removed. No dressing is required. The patient can go back home the same day. Local hygiene needs to be maintained. Sexual activity can be resumed in 6 weeks.

Surgical Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty for Labia Majora

The labia majora and mons pubis can be plumped up with fat grafts if the area has become atrophic and flaccid looking. Loss of fat can occur with age, after menopause and after massive weight loss.

Under local anesthesia, autologous fat can be harvested from any area with surplus fat e.g. flank, buttocks or thighs. The fat is then separated from the liquid component and injected into desired areas by special needle or cannula without any cut or stitch. There can be some swelling and bruising in the area of injection but everything settles down in three weeks’ time. Some of the injected fat may not survive at the new site and will be absorbed over next few months. For this reason, the plastic surgeon in Delhi over corrects the problem by 25 to 50 per cent to take care of this absorption factor. The final result is obtained in 3-6 months.

The procedure works beautifully and utilizes one’s own fat and is so free of any serious side effects. The fat which survives is supposed to last forever. It can be repeated if the patient wants a fuller look. The final look is plump full labia majora which are a hallmark of youthful female genitalia.

Labiaplasty for Labia Minora

This is a surgery to trim the labia minora to their normal dimensions. The labia minora are folds of skin on either side of the vaginal opening and are inside of the more prominent folds called Labia majora. There is no acceptable limit to the shape and size of labia minora as huge variations exist.

Females request surgery when they find them to be aesthetically ugly or because of functional reasons like itching and irritation caused by their enlarged size.

The procedure is generally done under local anesthesia but can be performed under regional or general anesthesia. The excessive dimensions of Labia Minora are marked, injected with local anesthetic and removed. The stitching is done with absorbable thread and patient can go back home the same day. Intercourse is avoided for three to six weeks. The threads get cast away on their own.

The end result is normal aesthetic looking labia minora.

Surgical Vaginoplasty

This is a procedure about surgical tightening of vagina which has stretched because of various reasons. Looseness or laxity of vagina is very common due to childbirth, age, obesity and lack of exercise. This can lead to poor sexual satisfaction for both the partners.

This surgery involves repair of the stretched out muscles of pelvic floor. It is a painful procedure requiring anesthesia and has a 3-month recovery period. Scars in vaginal area can also lead to dyspareunia [painful intercourse]

In most cases the procedure has been supplanted by the painless laser Vaginoplasty which has practically no down time or side effects and does not result in any scarring.

4] O Shot

This procedure is also known as the ‘orgasm shot’ and aims to improve the sexual health and well-being of women by enhancing their libido, arousal response, ability to orgasm and overall sexual satisfaction.

It is a nonsurgical in-office procedure that uses the growth factors each woman has in her own blood to bring about vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation to activate her Orgasm System. An additional benefit is improvement in urinary stress incontinence.

Dr. Charles Runels achieved instant fame when he demonstrated his famous procedure called ‘Vampire Face lift’ on Kim Kardashian on American television. This procedure combines the power of PRP [platelet rich plasma extracted from blood] with judicious use of fillers to rejuvenate the face. The Orgasm shot as an extension of the same principle to the female genitalia. But whereas the Vampire face lift produces cosmetic improvement which one can notice visually, the O shot mainly produces functional improvement and more satisfaction between the sheets as famously demonstrated by Meg Ryan in the movie ‘When Harry met Sally’.

The procedure

The O-Shot involves drawing blood from the patient and then separating out the fraction with platelets from the red component. This fraction is then injected into an area near the clitoris and just inside the vagina which is dubbed the O-Spot.1cc of platelet-rich plasma is injected directly under the clitoris and a further 4cc in the upper vaginal area – between the top of the vagina and the urethra. This area is different from the so called G spot. The injection is preceded by application of a numbing cream to the area of injection to make the process practically pain free.

There is an initial plumping of the area due to physical presence of fluid but real effects start later as it stimulates the growth of new cells in this area, making it more sensitive and responsive to stimuli. This growth occurs in response to presence of growth factors and stem cells in the platelet rich fraction. This process happens in three months’ period after the injection is made but results start appearing in three weeks.

The whole procedure takes less than an hour to complete.

There is zero down time and the patient can go back to work and engage in sexual activity whenever she wants. There are no side effects to the procedure.

The procedure can be repeated on demand.

In a way it works like the male Viagra, if anything the results are more permanent. Most women are highly satisfied with the procedure. Satisfaction rates exceed 80 per cent. It can be combined with other procedures like Familift by Gyno laser and the G shot in the same sitting.

Possible benefits of the procedure include

  • Heightened sensitivity of Clitoris to stimulation leading to better arousal
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Stronger, more frequent orgasm
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Relief from dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina)
  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening) and younger, color of the vulva
  • Increased arousal from G-spot stimulation
  • Improved symptoms of urinary incontinence


G-spot amplification

It involves injecting the area in the front wall of the vagina with collagen or another filler to enhance sexual gratification. It is not a very popular procedure as it involves the introduction of foreign material under the mucosa of vagina. Also, there is no universal agreement on the very presence of the G spot.When the O shot is combined with G shot it is called the GO shot.


S. No. Procedure Benefit Downtime/Side Effects Cost
1. Laser Vaginoplasty-OPD procedure. Painless. Short & quick. Tight vagina, Better secretions, also Improves stress incontinence nil 10000/ sitting.Can be repeated on demand
2. Laser Labiaplasty- Generally combined with laser Vaginoplasty. Done after applying anesthetic cream. Procedure time one hour only Improved appearance of Vulva 3-5days. There can be post op pain and skin changes 5000/ sitting. Can be repeated at monthly intervals
3. Hymenoplasty- Surgical recreation of damaged hymen. Local/ regional/ general anesthesia Lost hymen restored [Revirgination] 3-6 weeks of abstinence 30,000-60,000 [ cost depends on anesthesia choice and room category]
4. Surgical labiaplasty Trimming of Labia minora Autologous fat injection labia majora 3-6 weeks of abstinence 30,000-60,000 [ cost depends on anesthesia choice and room category]
5. Surgical Vaginoplasty Correction of vaginal laxity 2-3 months 50,000
6. O Shot Improves sensations& secretions in clitoris. Better and more intense orgasms nil 10,000/ Can be repeated on demand


Criticism – The growth of female genital plastic surgery comes despite a warning from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in a 2007 notice to member physicians that strongly questioned the medical validity and safety of female genital cosmetic surgery. The criticisms are that none of these procedures have proven effectiveness, and there is potential for harm such as infections, scarring, pain and the loss of the very sensations some patients seek to enhance. They say that the trend is the latest service aimed at women pursuing an impossible ideal of physical perfection, hyped by Internet pornography.