The concept of ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ is a registered trademark by Dr. David Matlock in the United States during the 90s of the twentieth century mark. However, in recent years it is quite talk about these techniques, although already performed previously by gynecologists, improved technology and accessibility to join the field of cosmetic surgery.

In most cases, we know the stories associated with aesthetics and the cult of youth. And others, perhaps the most striking and frivolous, related to reconstruction of the hymen, for example. In this case, although it is true that request, are more closely linked to cultural and religious issues to genital functionality and well – being of women who request it .


Currently, industry (misnamed) vaginal rejuvenation is very committed on a project linked to genital functionality. These procedures are becoming more boom and, although they may look like a fashion, go far beyond.

“We’re not just talking about aesthetics. It is important to break the taboo that genital aesthetic is frivolous or unnecessary , ” Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and an expert on sexology. Even in cases of purely aesthetic nature they have to give them the importance they deserve, because ” diminish the self – esteem of women to the point that shun sex embarrassment to show their genitals” qualifies the expert. This could be the case of the labia minora hypertrophy, which is usually detected at puberty and adolescence, and in addition to aesthetic considerations, can bother your life would, by wearing tight clothes or doing sports.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that increasingly live more naturally sexuality, it is getting more and more women come to the consultation to ask for help and no longer conform as before, “to be aware that with these treatments can improve their quality of life , “says the doctor.

Moreover, not only the most privileged can access these services, we believe particularly expensive. “Current techniques of genital aesthetic medicine are accessible to the general population, because its price is not as high as surgery, so they are becoming more in demand. There are many diseases that can be improved with simple techniques,” he says.


Over the years, by decreasing the hormone, it will produce atrophy of the vulva and vagina. By thinning vulvovaginal epithelium, add a decrease in vascularization, a decrease in pH, and various changes in vaginal flora and urinary system. “Sexual health is very important for women. During menopause, need help to continue to enjoy sex. They seek to improve the functionality of their genitals and, albeit secondary, value the aesthetic improvement,” says the doctor.

Births and obstetric interventions for illumination may also have a devastating effect, generating laxity vaginal, urinary incontinence or prolapse, among other pathologies.

Other issues involved in this aging are:

  • Poor nutritional habits
  • Toxic habits
  • Cosmetic Habits
  • Systemic or general diseases affecting the area
  • Systemic treatments for those diseases
  • Local diseases: Lichen planus
  • Sudden changes in body weight
  • Hormonal changes
  • Very aggressive treatments: chemotherapy, antibiotics, etc.


Dr. Jimenez said that often turn to your inquiry when his sexual ability is impaired. Also because their genitals do not like them or hurt them, which prevents them from having a normal activity, and distinguishes between two aspects arising from the vulvovaginal aging.

Signs: They are those who perceive the patient as vaginal dryness, decreased lubrication or pain during intercourse; postcoital bleeding; decreased desire and arousal and difficulty achieving orgasm; irritation, burning or stinging vulvovaginal; painful urination; increased urinary frequency and urgency.

Symptoms : Are the doctor detected during scanning. The most common: decreased vaginal secretion and elasticity; resorption of the labia minora; paleness or redness of the mucosa; small punctate hemorrhages; loss of roughness of the vaginal epithelium; eversion of the urethral mucosa prolapse or urethra; prominence of the urethral meatus; retraction introitus or the entrance to the vagina; or recurrent urinary tract infections.


These techniques are simple, requiring only local anesthesia (as much and not always) ambulatory and with a minimum postoperative house . Their demand is continuously rising by patients, most between 30 and 60 years. Usually go to the doctor seeking solutions mainly for functional problems, but sometimes aesthetic, though often mixed, says the expert.

When selecting treatments, Dr. Ashok focuses on three basic aspects: gynecological health and / or urinary; sexual satisfaction and genital aesthetics.

To achieve these goals, the most commonly used treatments are:

  • Lasercontrolled for later regeneration of tissue, improvement of pelvic floor, etc. occurs injury occurs
  • Hyaluronic acid:moisturizes, stuffed, improving atrophies, and regenerates.
  • Botulinum Toxin Injections or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP):Used to stimulate collagen, elastin and improve hydration ..
  • Radiofrequencystimulates collagen and elastin.
  • Photodynamic Therapy:Improving vaginal discharge activation of microcirculation. Some very new devices include LEDs and also induce vibration for toning the pelvic floor and the novelty is that they are for home use, as the novel VSculpt PRO Skymedic. Triple technology combines photobiomodulation with LED light and sonic vibration heat load further improve vulvovaginal atrophy, stimulate pelvic floor musculature improving vaginal laxity and mild urinary incontinence. You can get it under prescription in Slow Life House.
  • Carboxiterapia:Used for activation of microcirculation, vulvo-vaginal atrophy, scarring caesarean and episiotomy (suturing episiotomy), and removal of excess fat in the mons.

According to Dr Ashok, “not only you have to seek help in dealing with lasers. There are many other techniques that can improve both genital functionality and aesthetics. Even, sometimes, it is essential to have the advice of an expert in sexology to treat certain problems, which only have solution through sex therapy. “