The lipofilling or fat grafting in Delhi is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, whereby extracted fat from one area of the body, it is processed and then injected into another region or to remodeled body, improvement of scars, or facial rejuvenation .

The current technique of lipofilling  or lipo-grafting was created by Dr. Colleman in the early nineties, using fat grafts as a biocompatible element to fill soft tissues without producing rejection. Since then it has been refined and currently the technique consists of three steps:

  • Obtaining fat cells through a small liposuction with special cannulas in an area where they exist in abundance (abdomen, hips).
  • Centrifugation process to select only those that are viable.
  • Injection into the area to be treated, through a minimal incision, with the help of small cannulas specially designed for this type of procedure.

To achieve a good result, the technique must be meticulous and careful, so that the cells deposited in their new location ignite properly and survive permanently.

Large volume increases cannot be performed in a single procedure, since in order for the cells to take hold, they must be infiltrated into a well vascularized bed. If too many cell layers accumulate in a single time, the deeper layers do not get the necessary vascularity and die.


What areas can be treated with Fat Grafting in Delhi?

In facial rejuvenation the  lipofilling facial achieved excellent results permanently: with fat grafts can restore facial contours, improving volume cheekbones and infraorbital region, smooth grooves, such as nasolabial and marionette lines.

The lipofilling body has many indications. It is used in areas that have lost volume or in those in which we want to increase it. It allows to achieve a moderate and long-lasting increase in volume, for example, of the breasts, buttocks, legs. Another frequent indication is the filling of depressed skin scars.

Which patients can benefit from lipofilling?

It has no contraindications; As it is its own tissue that changes location, it does not reject or produce allergies. The lipofilling facial is recommended in patients showing signs of aging and to complement other facial rejuvenation surgery. Correct diagnosis and individualization of treatment is important. The lipofilling body, it is recommended to harmonize the silhouette by removing fat from one area and injecting it into another, as well as moderate increase in breast volume.

It is important to know that those fat cells that ignite are not reabsorbed and will change in size as we change our weight, so that they get fatter and slimmer with us. Therefore, care must be taken with the injected volume, especially in young patients whose hormonal changes throughout life can change their morphotype, especially at the facial level.

fat grafting in Delhi

What is a fat transfer like?

Fat is obtained from a part of your body where there is an excess of it, even if it is moderate. After obtaining it, it is washed and purified, to be carefully injected with needles or special cannulas in the areas that need correction.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the fat grafting procedure several times to achieve the desired result.

To obtain the fat, one or more areas of the body will be selected and prepared under local anesthesia. Through a small incision, and with the help of syringes or mechanical devices (conventional or assisted liposuction device), a cannula is inserted to extract the fat, taking care not to destroy the fat cells or adipocytes.

After obtaining the fat, the purification is carried out. Once enough fat is obtained from the donor area, the plastic surgeon will process it appropriately to prepare the fat cells by various methods of filtration, decantation, or centrifugation, and transfer them to small syringes to be used for transfer by injection of fat.

In the recipient area of ​​the fat graft, your plastic surgeon will insert a special cannula or fine needles to achieve the correction you are looking for, by carefully depositing the fatty tissue in a linear manner in the recipient tissues. This process is repeated until the desired correction has been achieved. You can then put on a dressing, bandage or compression garment to keep the treated area safe.

Select a plastic surgeon

The best plastic surgeon in Delhi, Dr Ashok Tandon has experience and are qualified to perform your aesthetic surgical procedure.

Post-operative care and recovery

Your plastic surgeon will inform you of how long it will take to return to normal activity and work. After the surgery you will and will receive detailed instructions on the measures to take and the necessary medications, normal symptoms that you will experience and possible signs of complications.

You will have to walk a few minutes several times a day, to avoid complications in the veins of the lower limbs.

Follow all instructions provided by your plastic surgeon in Delhi.

Duration of results

The areas where the fat was transferred will appear more voluminous, giving you a rejuvenated appearance, it may even improve the appearance of the skin.

The survival of the fat and the duration of the results depend on many factors: the technique of obtaining, the purification process, and the way in which it is transferred.

When the grafted fat tissue is successfully attached to its new location, the results can often be permanent. When a percentage of fat does not catch, it is necessary to perform touch-up procedures.

Usually the results of your fat graft surgery will be long lasting. A scheduled follow-up with your plastic surgeon is very important.

Maintain a relationship with your plastic surgeon. For your safety, as well as the best outcome, it is important that you return to your plastic surgeon’s office for a follow-up.