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Plastic Surgery in Delhi

Tips To Choose A Good Plastic Surgeon

How to choose a good plastic surgeon in Delhi? What criteria are key to making a good choice? 

If you are considering undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery in Delhi, it is very important to put yourself in the best hands and choose a good plastic surgeon. The results of the intervention will depend, to a large extent, on the expert hands and the knowledge of the technique that the doctor has.

Thanks to advances in this field, and greater professionalization, undergoing plastic surgery in Delhi today is very safe. However, it is convenient to review a series of aspects that will allow us the best choice of our surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

The first visit is decisive

It is very important that, on the first visit, the plastic surgeon in Delhi who will perform the operation attend you. In this way, you can be honest with him, communicate his desires and the expectations you have, and also the doubts raised by the intervention.

In this first visit, the surgeon will evaluate your case to advise the best technique and the type of intervention most suitable for you.

The surgeon will explain what the surgery consists of and clarify all your doubts. The way in which the information is transmitted to you must be clear and above all realistic. A good surgeon will answer all your questions and will be specific in explaining the details of the intervention. It will explain the type of anesthesia that will be used, how it will be the post-operative and will also explain the complications that may arise from the intervention.

The impression you have of your first visit is very important. The attention and the treatment that the plastic surgeon in Rohini gives you will be a reference of how the attention can be and its dedication in the case of deciding to operate with him. A surgeon who attends you in a hurry at the first visit and with few explanations is unlikely to subsequently devote the attention you expect in case of doubts or complications.

A good plastic surgeon will explain in detail the type of intervention to be performed. In this sense, sincerity, clarity, and empathy are three aspects that you should value to make a good choice.

The curriculum and academic training

The academic background and the doctor’s curriculum are a good starting point to know your good work. Make sure if you are a member of the APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India), which are the professional societies to which the physicians with the best qualifications belong. In these societies, doctors who do not have an official degree are not admitted. Although it may seem a lie, in our country, there are many doctors who perform plastic and cosmetic surgery interventions that, even though they are doctors, are not in possession of the official degree.

A good cosmetic surgeon in Delhi can accredit a good academic training and must belong to the main professional societies of plastic and aesthetic surgery and be accredited as such in the Official College of Physicians.

The experience of the plastic surgeon and the team

The experience and trajectory of the surgeon are decisive since a long professional career implies a greater knowledge of the technique to be used according to the type of intervention. And this also applies to the equipment. Typically, the plastic surgeon in Pitampura always works with the same team of anesthetists, assistants, and nurses.

In the first visit you have with the surgeon, find out about his career and the type of interventions he has performed, and also the trajectory and experience of the team he works with.

For example, if you are thinking of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, choose a surgeon with extensive experience in such interventions. This ensures the highest excellence in the result.

A good plastic surgeon must have proven experience in the type of intervention you are going to undergo.

The assessments and recommendations of other patients

Normally, a surgeon with a long experience and trajectory usually has reviews and assessments of his patients. You can check them on their own website, in Google reviews or in forums that deal with this topic. Search for reviews online and ask in forums so that patients who have had surgery with him can give you their opinion. Unfortunately, there are undesirable people who can make negative comments just for trying to discredit. These comments are easy to detect if you have a good critical eye.

You can also inform yourself through close people, who can recommend you a surgeon, either from your own experience or from the experience of someone nearby.

A good cosmetic surgeon usually has good reviews and recommendations of other patients who have had surgery with him.

Pre-operative studies and intervention preparation

Prior to any plastic surgery intervention, preoperative studies should be performed. They are a fundamental part of the intervention since they allow the surgeon and anesthetist to take the appropriate precautions and ensure that the intervention will be performed in the best safety conditions for the patient.

In some interventions, preoperative marking is also one of the fundamental parts to guarantee a satisfactory result.

A good plastic surgeon will inform you of the pre-operative studies that you must perform before undergoing the intervention and will do the preoperative marking in advance and without haste.

Post-operative and follow-up visits

After any intervention, a series of guidelines and postoperative recommendations should be followed to avoid complications. It is also important that the cosmetic surgeon in Delhi cites you in consultation to make the necessary postoperative reviews that allow you to verify the good evolution in recovery and that everything is in order.

It is important that you have good communication access with your surgeon during the postoperative period due to doubts or problems that may arise. A good professional will provide you with a direct contact telephone number with him for any incident that may arise. Of course, he expects you to use it if necessary and do not misuse it.

Another important aspect to assess is the availability of your surgeon to assist you. A surgeon who has consultations in different cities may not be available the day you need it. In this sense, it is always advisable to choose a professional close to your place of residence.

A good cosmetic surgeon in Pitampura will previously tell you how the postoperative period will be and the recommendations you should follow, in addition to planning the relevant follow-up visits, which will be based on the type of intervention performed.

The price of the intervention: distrust the good, beautiful and cheap

Undergoing plastic surgery in Delhi is a very serious decision. And we must take it as such. Therefore, price should not be the main factor to choose between one surgeon or another. If you only focus on finding the cheapest price, you will be overlooking a number of key priority factors. Be wary of those who offer promotional offers or seasonal discounts. In general, the best professionals have a slightly higher “cache”, which happens in all professions. Nor are the most expensive necessarily the best. Be guided by your good judgment to value it.

A good plastic surgeon in Delhi should never be chosen based on the price of the intervention.

Depressed nose augmented with rib cartilage graft

A case study on the depressed nose by Dr. Ashok Tandon, Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi.

This young boy presented with a depressed nose after an injury. A transverse injury mark at the base of the nose was a persistent reminder of the problem.

Correction involved using a shaped piece of Rib cartilage to build up the nose. The results were fair.

Such massive deficiencies do not lend themselves to correction with septal cartilage or conchal (ear) cartilage as a thick, long and stiff graft is needed. Such generous amounts are only available in a coastal area. The scar is only a finger long, about 6-7cm and there is no deformity of the chest wall.

Synthetic substitutes have fallen out of favor with most surgeons because of a high rate of long-term complications. Once a sinus develops, the implant must come out for the sinus to heal. Medpore is a popular synthetic material and generally well tolerated, but its removal is hell because tissue grows into its porous structure and fixes it. Silicone does not get fixed but stays mobile. Side to side movement is not liked by the patient as Isis uncanny and unnatural.

Cartilage grafts do not have these defects but can warp- twist with time. Bone grafts don’t warp but can lose volume. Cartilage grafts don’t lose volume, unlike bone grafts.

Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi to Improve Aesthetic Appearance

In India, thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed every day. It refers to any surgery that modifies or improves the appearance of a physical feature, irregularity, or defect. One benefit of the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery in Delhi and even in India is that, the cosmetic surgeons are becoming experts in the field and offering affordable surgery to their patients. Cosmetic surgeon in Delhi has wide knowledge of skin treatment.

Tummy tuck surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most successful and popular surgery among the patients. Plastic surgeons perform it most of times post-pregnancy and some overweight women also go for it as a weight loss solution. In a Full Tummy Tuck separated abdominal muscles are restored and a patient gets its original shape.

Breast reduction surgery

It is true that big breasts are attractive for many, but for some women, overly large breasts and excessive breast weight creates many problem. It causes discomfort, back, neck and shoulder problems or simply a feeling that your breasts are too large. On these kinds of situations, women meet cosmetic surgeons, who can simplify their problem by performing cosmetic surgery treatment. Male Breast Reduction in Delhi can relieve the pain of heavy breasts, to restore a more uplifted, youthful look to your breasts, and allow you to regain a more active lifestyle and be less self-conscious. Skilled plastic surgeon in Delhi offers professional plastic surgery in Delhi including breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, tummy tuck surgery, various skin related treatments etc. The clinics ensure the best size of your breasts and check the proportion with your body.

Some cosmetic surgery procedures can be done in under an hour, cosmetic surgery is no quick fix for deep-rooted issues or failed relationships. It takes time and you need to follow the routine suggested by your doctor. It is also required that, you follow proper diet plan for you.


Botox Treatment in Delhi
Do you want a more youthful appearance? Botox injections create a younger appearance by relaxing the muscles that create wrinkles. Most commonly, patients use Botox treatment in Delhi to remove crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, and frown and laugh lines.

It is the most popular aesthetic improvement procedure that is performed by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon in Delhi today. It is non-invasive, safe and dramatically improves appearance with a look of relaxation and freshness.

Get Immediate Results

Dr. Ashok Tandon will inject small amounts of Botox directly into his facial muscles. You will feel a stinging sensation that will diminish immediately. You will see an immediate improvement in your appearance, but the full effect will be seen after two to three days. Treatment can show visible results for three to six months, and then the area can be removed. After several botox treatment in Pitampura, some patients experience longer periods of time between follow-ups. Most patients can return to full activity immediately after the procedure.

Dr. Tandon is experienced in Botox fillers

Intimate knowledge of anatomy is necessary to place the Botox injections correctly. Dr.  Ashok Tandon’s medical training and long experience are his guarantees of a perfect Botox treatment in Delhi.

“Botox” is the abbreviation for botulinum toxin type A, an effective blocker of nerve impulses. The chemical can be directed to the specific muscles that create lines and wrinkles in the face, while the surrounding muscles remain intact. If you are sensitive to the fine lines that come with aging, Botox treatment in Rohini is an excellent option to explore.

It is non-invasive and relatively painless and is performed as an outpatient procedure in our offices. You can go back to work immediately after the procedure. Dr. Tandon will ask you to remain upright several hours after treatment.

Some patients, unfortunately, experience discomfort in the form of localized bruising, headaches and nausea. However, these symptoms are usually of short duration.

Botox Treatment in Delhi

How does it work and how long does it take to perform a treatment?

In the dynamic facial wrinkles, that is to say, those that are marked more before certain gestures of the face, as frown the forehead or between the eyebrows and are produced by the movement of muscles that are under them. Botox, when injected into these muscles, gets them to relax. Approximately it takes about five to ten minutes.

Is the result immediate?

No. The result is gradually appearing after a few days, which is an advantage for the patient since no one will notice a sudden change in their appearance. The desired effect is achieved after 4 or 8 days. Sometimes, it takes up to 2 weeks. This effect lasts approximately three or four months. In some people, it lasts six months or hardly more. From that moment, the patient can undergo another botox treatment in Pitampura, which will surely be more durable than the first.

What wrinkles can be treated with Botox?

The wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the so-called “crow’s feet” are treated, although their use in other areas is possible.

How long can I be treated with Botox?

The botox treatment in Delhi can be repeated every 4, 5 or 6 months without problems, according to the need of the person. There are studies of repeated treatments for 10 years without complications or loss of efficacy. However, there is a low probability of causing tolerance to Botox, and the results last less.

Is the treatment painful?

No. The botox treatment in Rohini does not cause pain. A small amount of liquid is applied by extremely thin needles under the skin, in the corresponding muscle. The patient may notice slight discomfort during the application that is usually defined as mild itching. However, if you do not like injections you can consider other options such as CO2 laser.

Should rest be done after treatment?

No. You can resume normal tasks, work, social meetings, etc. immediately. In addition, the care is minimal: in the 4 hours after the application, you have to avoid rubbing the face (be careful not to do it when washing after botox treatment in Rohini) and lie down or lie down in the first hours, so that the injected drug does not spread towards unwanted areas.

Botox Treatment in Rohini

Botox Before and after treatment

  • What preparation is required before treatment?

You can eat and drive, before and after botox treatment in Pitampura. Simply do not take aspirin or other analgesic medications from a week before. In the next consultation, you will receive the appropriate indications for your case.

  • What can prevent me from being treated with Botox?

Botulinum toxin should not be used in pregnant women, nor in people with neuromuscular diseases that can increase the effect of Botox, such as myasthenia gravis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neither should it be used in infected areas. We will discuss the contraindications in the pre-treatment consultation.

  • What are the risks of the treatment?

Those of any injection, fundamentally a minimum risk of allergy. In about 1% of people treated there may be a slight and temporary fall of the upper eyelid, which usually lasts 2-3 weeks. Occasionally, a small bruise occurs in the area of ​​injection (black eye), headache or tingling in the area. All these alterations are transient and totally reversible. Botulinum toxin has been used with various indications for 20 years (14 since its commercialization) and has been applied to more than one million people without having demonstrated relevant side effects.

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